Police K9

History of this Division

The Londonderry Police Department has had a active Police K9 Unit since 1987. Most of the department's K9s have been dual purpose K9s in that they are certified as patrol service dogs and narcotic detection dogs. Currently, this position is open and in a new selection process.

K9 Uses

A police K9 is primarily a searching tool. They are used to locate suspects who have fled the scene of a crime and for finding lost, missing and endangered persons. They are also used to recover evidence, search buildings and structures, to assist with crowd control and the apprehension of fleeing suspects. A narcotic detection K9 is certified to detect the odor of narcotics.

K9's Home Life

A police K9 lives full time with his handler and the handler's family. When the K9 is retired from active service he will live out the rest of his life at home with the handler.

K9 Mingo
Former K9 Officer John Perry and K9 Mingo